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Not Boiled, Baked or Over-Processed

Not Boiled, Baked or Over-Processed

Human Grade,
Whole Food
Human Grade,
Whole Food
Side by Side pet - Dr Birken Examination
Balances Science & Nature

Balances Science & Nature

Eastern Food Therapy Delivers Functional Benefits
Eastern Food Therapy Delivers Functional Benefits
Discover the Side by Side Difference

Discover the Side by Side Dierence

Matched to your
Pets Unique
Nutritional Needs
Matched to your
Pets Unique
Nutritional Needs
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Side by Side - Ingredients


Only clean whole food ingredients local farm sourcing in the USA. All ingredients you know & trust!

Side by Side - Nutritionally Matched


We use intrinsic energetic properties of foods to support health and healing from within.
Warming: Chicken, Turkey
Cooling: Duck, Rabbit, Pork
Neutral: Beef, Bison



We use Eastern Food Therapy to match the right foods to each individual pet. Does your pet need to Warm Up, Cool Down or Just Right?

Restore Balance through Nutrition and Whole Food Ingredients. Build their Natural Immunity & Heal from Within.

For Pets That Run Warm!

Pants, Paces, Itches, Lays in Cold Places, has Seasonal Allergies and Red Tongue

Side by Side - Warming

For Pets That Run Cool!

Drools, Seeks Warmth, has a Pale Tongue, Loss of Appetite and a Lack of Energy

Side by Side - Neutral

For Pets That Are Just Right!

Is Happy, Athletic, Active with Clear Eyes Pink Tongue and a Strong Stomach

Not Sure What Diet Your Pet Needs?

Find out what your pet’s temperature is


The Side By Side Difference

We have one mission: To help pets live longer.

It’s what drives us to do what we do every single day – the core belief that we can change the lives of pets everywhere by simply changing what’s in their bowls. We craft healthy recipes in small batches, carefully preserving the whole food nutrition so it’s healthy in your dog’s bowl.


1,000 Years Of Results

No fad-wagon, buzz word, flavor of the month recipes here. We use the time-tested, proven principles of Eastern Food Therapy to make food that does 3 things: supports a healthy immune system, heals many health concerns, and nourishes the body from the inside out.

SBS - Timeline (3)

Just Real Food

Let’s get Back to Basics with food. Let’s give our pets the opportunity to absorb vitamins, minerals & nutrients as nature intended, no synthetics and no fake vitamins. Because a body nourished with REAL stuff is a happy, healthy one.


Better Than Homemade

We start with homemade and then add the species appropriate ingredients (like organ meat and ground bones) and nutrients to provide Complete & Balanced recipes, tasty treats and drool worthy toppers.

SBS - Dog Hip & Joint Product of the Year

Dog Hip & Joint Product of the Year

Side by Side earned the coveted Independent Innovation Award for Dog Hip & Joint Product of the Year for 2019. The Independent Innovation Awards program is the industry’s most robust recognition platform for the innovators and leaders of the pet industry. Built to recognize the most outstanding companies, services and products within the rapidly expanding Pet industry. READ MORE

Truth About Pet Food

Truth About Pet Food

Side by Side makes the 2021 list of trusted pet brands by Truth About Pet Food an exclusive list that includes brands that use only high quality, human-grade ingredients & made in the USA. Companies must be independently nominated then vigorously vetted – Side by Side is 1 of only 6 freeze dried products that made this exclusive list! READ MORE

Thoughtfully Made Recipes.

Whole Food – No Synthetics, Fillers or Fake Stuff.

We understand that fresh, whole food is the foundation for overall health and wellness. That’s why every single one of our products has been carefully crafted & intentionally made with ingredients that you and your kids recognize.

Seed Blend

Our Seed Blend is packed with vitamins and nutrients including magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins A, B, E and K as well as Omega 3 and 6.

Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile promotes healing and is used internally to treat inflammation and sooth the digestive tract.

Wild Salmon

Rich in Omega-3 oils, an essential fatty acids.

Flat-Leaf Parsley

A nutrient-dense leafy green veggie, parsley is an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a vitamin A, folate and iron.


Packed with vitamins, pumpkin is nutritious and soothing for pet’s digestion.

Free-Range Duck

Duck is a good source of protein, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition.
Our food is prepared using a proprietary low-heat cooking and freeze drying process. This process helps preserve the nutrient value in each meal vs. traditional kibble. This means we never, ever have to spray chemicals back on our product just to pass industry standards.

If Your Dog Could Talk

Actually they can!
Ok, they kind of can… just not with actual words.
Watery eyes? Itchy butt? Anxious personality?
That’s your dog trying to tell you something!

When your pet eats highly processed food (aka kibble) it may include additives and synthetics that aren’t usable by the body, resulting in grumbly bellies, itchy skin, huge poops, scooty butts and even illness.

Our recipes are based on Eastern Food Therapy which seeks to recognize internal imbalances and use specific whole foods to rebalance the body. It is proven to help heal and prevent disease so your pet can live a healthier longer life.


Personalized Pet Nutrition

Want your pet to live a healthier, longer life? Instead of asking: “What does your pet like?”
We ask: What Recipe would allow your pet to thrive?

To be balanced, does your pup need to…

Cool Down?

Prefers shade, suffer from allergies and pants often.

They’re Just Right

Generally happy, energetic & upbeat.

Warm Up?

Likes to lay in the sun, often has loose stools & watery eyes.

Not Sure What Diets Your Pet Needs?

Take Our Free Assessment Now!

Our Products

Whole Food AAFCO Compliant – Top Quality USDA, USA Sourced Ingredients – Vet Formulated Dog Food

Side By Side - Freeze Dried Recipe
Freeze Dried Recipes
Air Dried Recipes
Hearty Stew Recipes
Food Toppers
Tail Mix

Side by Side Stories

Read about the pups we’ve helped

They’ve experienced changes – smaller poop, waggier tails at mealtime, overall happier pups.
More importantly: Nutrition for a Better Life.

Image is not available

I’ve searched for so long for a high-quality raw food for my three large dogs. They love everything from the raw individualized meals to the dehydrated treats. The transition is super easy!

Nikki & Wahler, Savannah and Tucker
Norton, Massachusetts
Image is not available

Ava loves the food which is important because she doesn't love all foods. She pretty much wolfs it down in 30 seconds... Her fur also seems to be filling out a bit which is awesome because she has had balding for years!

Amanda & Ava
Chicago, IL

Zelda is a rescue dog and her health and personality have been a big challenge... I have noticed significant improvements since I started working with Side by Side - Now Zelda is always excited to eat, her coat is shiny, her stools are regular, she is stronger, and more playful with other dogs!

Tanya & Zelda
Telluride, Colorado
Image is not available

Side by Side recommended a product formulated perfectly for his needs, a level of personalized care that I never knew was available for dog food.

Maggie (RDN) & Pumpkin
Chicago, Illinois
Image is not available

Since my first introduction to Side by Side, I immediately felt the passion and caring commitment displayed in all that they do! This food far exceeded our expectations, and I loved the convenience of the individually wrapped patties so they are basically mess free!

Katherine & Cabbie and Porter
Carbondale, Illinois
Image is not available

Her anxiety has decreased, she doesn't have recurring hot spots anymore, she sheds less, and just seems happier overall!
I could not be more in love Side By Side Pet. It truly has improved my Penny's life.

Jessie & Penny
Skokie, Illinois
Image is not available

All of my dogs that have been given this food go nuts every time it’s time to eat. Do yourself a favor and switch your dogs over to Side by Side Pet food. I can guarantee you that you will have a happier, healthier, and more active dog in no time.

Sammi, Emmie & Aspen
Granger, Indiana
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Want to find the perfect food to help your pup thrive?

Why Choose Us?

Shelf-Stable, Whole Food Nutrition At Affordable Prices

We work our tails off to make products that help your dog play harder, jump higher & live longer. Paws Honor.

Vet Formulated

Eastern Food Therapy combined with Western Scientific knowledge recipes developed for each pet’s individual needs.

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

Our in-house pet nutritionists play a crucial role in making sure your pet is getting the perfect proportions of vitamins, mineral, proteins, fats & carbs in every single meal.

Minimal Processing

Our food is “gently” made to protect all those dog-gone awesome nutrients found in our clean ingredients.

Nutrition that Honors Our Pets

Our mission is to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Our dogs are, after all, our babies. Let’s feed them right.

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Wrigley's Spring Training Treat Pack

Wrigley’s Spring Training Treat Pack


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