Eastern Food Therapy

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Eastern Food Therapy

What is EFT?

Eastern Food Therapy. In EFT, what we’re doing is analyzing and then translating what we see happening externally as a manifestation of an imbalance in the pet’s body.

For thousands of years and with it’s proven history we can restore balance with whole
foods to nourish, replenish and soothe the body.

So What Does This Mean?

For example, when we see a dog who EFT would classify as falling into a warming category these dogs tend to exhibit allergies, excessively pant, and seek out cool areas. The last thing we would want is for these dogs to be eating chicken or turkey which are classified as WARMING proteins.

Why? Because these will exacerbate the problems. Instead what we want to do is recommend a diet with cooling ingredients, like rabbit or pork to help nourish and heal their ailments to promote overall wellness and health. Instead of treating just the allergy symptoms alone, we’re looking at the diet to restore balance and nourish at the cellular level to help boost their immune system so they are less prone to allergies. The fact that we can do it with whole food ingredients instead of pills or powders allows for them to receive these nutrients the way nature intended – with the vitamins, fibers, water content and minerals that they need for a complete and balanced diet.

When we see pets that fall into the category of cooling, they tend to have a slower lifestyle, are overweight, and constantly seeking out warm places. They love the sunlight and tend to do great with warming ingredients like chicken and fish. For these pets that run cool, we want to balance them with a warming diet.

Many of the pets we see fall into the neutral category. These dogs are just right! They tend to be athletic, energetic and healthy and we will recommend a diet with ingredients that are neutral like beef and salmon.