Our Story

Launching Personalized Pet Nutrition

We’re Dog Whisperers

Ever stared at your pup and wondered what he’s thinking?
What he’d say if he could speak?
Would he tell you that he’s happy? That he has tummy aches? Allergies?
Ever wondered what his droopy eyes and pale tongue mean?

Well, at Side by Side we’ve developed a tool that helps us understand what’s going on with your dog and translates that for you!

Through time tested principles of Eastern Food Therapy [EFT], we’re able to assess what your pup is communicating because your pet’s internal imbalances are manifested externally – you just need the proper training in EFT to do the translating.

EFT principles have been time tested and they’re based on food energetics. In Western theory, we think of food as fuel. EFT goes one step further and classifies all foods based on whether it has warming, cooling or neutral energy property. Consider as humans the effects of foods such as pumpkin. Pumpkin is a comfort food that makes you feel warm and full, hence it’s classified as a warming food. Or, let’s consider celery which has a soothing effect on your system. Celery is considered a cooling food.

An Intimate Assessment

So, instead of asking what your pup likes to eat, at Side by Side, we do a tongue to tail personal pup assessment to determine if your pup needs a warming, cooling or neutral diet.

Here’s the key difference:

If we asked what your pup likes to eat, the answer might be “chicken!” But, if they have hot spots, are constantly panting, suffer from seasonal allergies and have a pale tongue then they need a cooling diet. Since Chicken is a warming food, Chicken would only exacerbate their symptoms. Instead, with a cooling diet consisting of proteins such as Rabbit and Pork, your pup’s system will be supported to restore balance, strengthen his immune system and alleviate his symptoms.

Our Assessment is Easy.

It’s intimate.
You’ll get to know and understand your pup even better than you did before.
And, it’s totally Free. Best of all, it’s designed to get your pup on the diet that’s best to help them live their best life.

Innovation Plus Human Grade Ingredients

With the help and guidance of Vets trained in both EFT and Western medicine, we’ve crafted warming, cooling and neutral diets that will help restore your pup to balance from within. Carefully selecting and combining each ingredient for it’s pure functional benefits at the cellular level in providing healing benefits. Ingredients such as Chamomile and Calendula for their soothing and cooling benefits for Ginger Powder its warming property, our diets are formulated to help restore balance from the inside, out.

And, not only have we crafted the best diets but we’ve sourced the best whole food ingredients from local, US farms. We source organic ingredients, human grade proteins that have been grown without antibiotics, that have been raised ethically. We then gently process these ingredients to preserve and lock in nutrients so that your pup is receiving nutrition the way nature intended.

We’ve made it our mission to get back to basics, remove all the artificial stuff, say NO to synthetics, fillers and products that are labeled as ‘unfit for human consumption’. We source human grade ingredients. That’s right. We want to fill pet bowls with the same high quality ingredients that we fill our human plates with.

Who We Are

We’re not like every other brand. We’re different. We’re on a mission – to help pets live longer and we believe it’s by changing the way we feed our pets – feeding them the way nature intended.

We partner with the best in the industry, carefully selecting partners who share our mission, values and love for pets. We view our pups as babies with fur. They give love, unconditionally. All they ask is that we care for them. The best way to show our love is by feeding them well with whole food.

We’re pet lovers. Pet advocates. Protectors. We set high standards. And, we’ve selected partners who share our values, our commitment to quality, to the highest industry standards, and most importantly, who share a genuine love of pets as family members.

From farm to pet bowl, we source ethically, honestly and transparently. Our ingredient labels are easy to read – no weird stuff you can’t pronounce. We source from local farms in the Midwest and then minimally process our diets and treats in USDA facilities to lock in nutrients and deliver it straight to your pups bowl. And, our diets are all Vet Formulated, Complete and Balanced. We proudly provide nutrition that honors our pets.

We measure success in the number of lives we touch, tails that wag a bit happier, snuggles that last a bit longer, and pets that happy dance as they devour our food. What drives us are the amazing testimonials we receive and the stories our satisfied customers share. We look forward to the happy stories of wagging tails, wet kisses, furry snuggles and cuddles and renewed energy that our diets help support.

Come join our pack and show your pup some full belly love. Sit down in a comfy spot with your pup to take our FREE assessment today and find out what your pup is telling you!

Our Promise

At Side by Side, we craft healthy recipes in small batches, carefully preserving the whole food nutrition and delivering it fresh to your dog’s bowl.
We believe that each day with our pet is amazing and that the best nutrition helps support your pet throughout their life. That’s more days of running side by side, playing side by side, cuddling side by side.