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We’re not like every other brand. We’re different. We’re on a mission – to help pets live longer.

Our pets give us unconditional love, all they ask is that we care for them. The best way to show our love is by feeding them well.

It all started when I adopted my dog, Wrigley. I wanted him to live his life the same way we were living ours, a healthy lifestyle with a foundation in nutrition. I wanted to be sure our new furry family member was by our side for as long as possible!

Proper nutrition starts with the ingredients, but its equally important to pay attention to how the ingredients are handled. Prior to starting Side by Side, I spent years understanding the basis for healthy ingredients and our body’s ability to absorb these nutrients. I visited numerous manufacturing facilities and focused on what was best for our bodies. On the ingredient side this means unadulterated whole foods, not genetically engineered, not lab created, simple, natural whole foods. On the processing side, this meant raw or as close to raw as possible, no high pressure and no high heat, key factors important to nutrient retention and absorption.

When your doctor recommends broccoli, he means broccoli in its natural form, and its because this natural combination of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron is structured in a way that our bodies can absorb. This factor is true for our pets as well. Unfortunately, many pet foods are made with ingredients that don’t serve their bodies, whether its chemically engineered, overly processed or a denatured by-product, many of these foods are void of natural nutrients, and difficult for the body to adsorb.

If a pet has been on a dry kibble diet for an extended period, their system may be suffering, and this can be seen through a decline in their activity levels, demeanor, and external symptoms. We focus on foods that nourish and heal the system from the inside out. We source our ingredients from local farms in the Midwest and then minimally cut and blend these raw ingredients to protect the cellular structure, we then freeze dry or lightly cook our diets and treats so they are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

We’ve taken things one step further and have developed of our Pet Health Assessment. This proprietary system asks a few key questions to better understand your pet’s existing health state and then recommends foods based on their individual needs. Through clean ingredients, the protection of the whole food nutrients, we are able to change lives.

This journey started with my desire to show my love and gratitude for all that Wrigley brings to our family. Side by Side was launched to support other pet parents in doing the same. We measure success in the number of lives we touch and we’re grateful for the amazing testimonials and stories our satisfied customers share with us each day.

What is Eastern Food Therapy (EFT)?

What is Eastern Food Therapy (EFT)? “Eastern Food Therapy is one of four branches making TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). Founded thousands of years ago and derived from ancient Asian medicine, it’s a method that uses whole foods to balance the body to heal and prevent disease so your pet can live healthier, longer and happier. This holistic approach to veterinary medicine treats nutritional imbalances within your pet’s body. By utilizing knowledge of the energetics of food ingredients we customize and personalize your pet’s food that will restore balance, replenish and soothe your pet working from the inside out.

Based on the imbalances in your pet’s body, EFT will categorize your pet into 3 categories – “Warm”. “Neutral”, “Cool”.

Want to find out which category your pet fits into?

Side by Side - Warming

For pets that run warm. Indicators – Pacing, panting, itching, seasonal allergies, laying in cold places and a bright red tongue.

Side by Side - Neutral

For pets that are just right. Indicators – Happy, athletic, active, clear eyes, pink tongue and a strong stomach.

For pets that run cool. Indicators – Seeks warmth, has a light pink or pale tongue, drools, less of an appetite and appears to lack energy.

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