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Sometimes they’re little changes – smaller poop, waggier tails at mealtime, overall happier pups.

Other times they’re life changing – decreased internal heat, improved liver function, healed kidneys.

More importantly: Nutrition for a better life.


“It truly has improved my Penny’s life”

Penny Lane… Penny Pants… Penny Pie…
Penny came to live with us about one year ago. She is the sweetest lady and LOVES attention from humans. When Penny came to us, she weighed 92lbs. I knew we had to work on her weight. We started feeding Penny Side By Side recipes in May 2018. In five months, she has lost 12lbs!

Simply by changing her diet from a kibble to a balanced whole food diet. I also noticed that her anxiety has decreased, she doesn’t have recurring hot spots anymore, she sheds less, and just seems happier overall! I could not be more in love with Side By Side Pet. It truly has improved my Penny’s life.

“I’m highly convinced that the combination of food and treats I purchased have positively impacted my dog’s health.”

Someone had given me a free sample of Side by Side’s nose butter because my boxer (Duke) always has a dry nose. After two days of use I saw a material change in his nose softness/condition, and I decided to stop in to get more and see what else they sold.[this is not SbS branded] Upon walking in, I was warmly greeted by an employee (Ailene) and her dog Archer. Our interactions over the next 10 minutes told me I was in the right place – Ailene was genuinely interested in all-things-Duke such as his diet, his overall health, etc. and I’d never seen this level of care at a pet store before. Since Duke is an elder statesman, his back legs have started to go (normal for a 12 yr old) and she felt changing his food would be beneficial. Ailene also recommended ditching his bowl/food stand for a placemat (which was the first time I’ve ever heard of this) and ditching his current batch of treats due to the sugar content. Because I felt she had the dog’s best interest at heart (and figuring I had nothing to lose) I purchased a bag of their beef/salmon/duck food along with some freeze dried treats. I’ll admit – the price point threw me off….along with the fact that it takes more time to prepare the food (only add water…but not as quick as pouring food in a bowl) but I took the gamble.

Within 5 days of the switch, l observed several notable changes. First, Duke became slimmer around his stomach area even though he ate the same amount of food in kibble (which is something my vet likes; as they age you don’t want an overweight dog.) Second, his gas was not as bad. When Duke farts he could clear out a room. And while he still farts it’s not as….potent. In addition his poops weren’t as massive. The third benefit is his legs appear to have more strength. I’m not saying he went from always sitting to always standing up….but he definitely is ok with longer walks these days and even jumped on my bed for the first time in a year (which is huge because the only reason he stopped was he couldn’t get up there anymore, and he won’t use a ramp.) Other than that, he drinks less water and doesn’t seem to be out of breath as much (and I’m always paranoid about his heart….so the decrease in panting could be due to him dropping a little weight.)

In closing, I’m highly convinced that the combination of food and treats I purchased have positively impacted my dog’s health. Any place that cares about my little guy as much as I do will continue to have my business. Hat’s off to everyone involved with the operation!

Justin’s Dad

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They’re changes – smaller poop, waggier tails at mealtime, overall happier pups.
More importantly: Nutrition for a better life.

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