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Sometimes they’re little changes – smaller poop, waggier tails at mealtime, overall happier pups.

Other times they’re life changing – decreased internal heat, improved liver function, healed kidneys.

More importantly: Nutrition for a better life.

Side by Side Stories

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“It truly has improved my Penny’s life”

Penny Lane… Penny Pants… Penny Pie…
Penny came to live with us about one year ago. She is the sweetest lady and LOVES attention from humans. When Penny came to us, she weighed 92lbs. I knew we had to work on her weight. We started feeding Penny Side By Side recipes in May 2018. In five months, she has lost 12lbs!

Simply by changing her diet from a kibble to a balanced whole food diet. I also noticed that her anxiety has decreased, she doesn’t have recurring hot spots anymore, she sheds less, and just seems happier overall! I could not be more in love with Side By Side Pet. It truly has improved my Penny’s life.

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Nikki & Wahler, Savannah and Tucker
Norton, Massachusetts

I’ve searched for so long for a high-quality raw food for my three large dogs. They love everything from the raw individualized meals to the dehydrated treats. The transition is super easy!

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Amanda & Ava
Chicago, IL

Ava loves the food which is important because she doesn't love all foods. She pretty much wolfs it down in 30 seconds... Her fur also seems to be filling out a bit which is awesome because she has had balding for years!

Sean & Jak
Durango, Colorado

Jak is the healthiest he’s been in years! He is back to being the healthy, energetic and fun-loving dog he used to be. Thanks!

Tanya & Zelda
Telluride, Colorado

Zelda is a rescue dog and her health and personality have been a big challenge... I have noticed significant improvements since I started working with Side by Side - Now Zelda is always excited to eat, her coat is shiny, her stools are regular, she is stronger, and more playful with other dogs!

Nona & Birdie
Los Altos, California

I began feeding my dog Side By Side and 6 months later, his fatty tumors are gone, his digestion is normal, he is energetic and we are all very happy. It's the absolute best!

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Maggie (RDN) & Pumpkin
Chicago, Illinois

Side by Side recommended a product formulated perfectly for his needs, a level of personalized care that I never knew was available for dog food.

Lisa (DVM)
San Anselmo, California

There is so much information out there about supplements and diets, and Side By Side has done an incredible job in researching and implementing nutritional science. Everyone's pet will benefit from their recommendations.

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Katherine & Cabbie and Porter
Carbondale, Illinois

Since my first introduction to Side by Side, I immediately felt the passion and caring commitment displayed in all that they do! This food far exceeded our expectations, and I loved the convenience of the individually wrapped patties so they are basically mess free!

Kate & Pearl
Telluride, Colorado

They saved Pearl's life! My eleven year old lab stopped eating and once we changed to this dog food, she is now like a puppy and looks and feels great!

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Jessie & Penny
Skokie, Illinois

Her anxiety has decreased, she doesn't have recurring hot spots anymore, she sheds less, and just seems happier overall!
I could not be more in love Side By Side Pet. It truly has improved my Penny's life.

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Sammi, Emmie & Aspen
Granger, Indiana

All of my dogs that have been given this food go nuts every time it’s time to eat. Do yourself a favor and switch your dogs over to Side by Side Pet food. I can guarantee you that you will have a happier, healthier, and more active dog in no time.

Mandy & Sera
Telluride, Colorado

Sera LOVES the food and she has the energy of a puppy!

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