Thoughtfully Made

Thoughtfully Made

Eastern Food Therapy, Ingredient Transparency, No Synthetics

Food with purpose

We know that real food can make a real difference in your pet’s life – that’s why every single one of our products has been carefully crafted & intentionally made.

We utilize Eastern Food Therapy, whole food ingredients & a gentle cooking process to bring you the absolute best food possible. This combination is how we help nourish healthy pets & heal sick ones.


We work our tails off to make products that help your dog play harder, jump higher & live longer. Paws Honor.

What is Eastern Food Therapy?

The short answer: It’s the time-tested system developed over a thousand years that understands how to use whole foods to balance the body. It is proven to help heal & prevent disease so your pet can live a healthier, longer life! (And No, it’s not a bunch of hocus pocus…)

The longer answer: EFT (or Eastern Food Therapy) Looks at the body as a whole to observe and comprehend your pet and their health. At its core, it seeks to recognize internal imbalances, so we can work to rebalance the body and mind. These principals guide us to utilize the inherent properties of whole food ingredients as tools to help our pets heal and prevent disease.

For instance, using barley & rabbit to cool the liver & calm excess internal heat, beets to fight inflammation & arthritis, or lamb & pumpkin to warm & increase circulation.


Cool Down?

Constantly searching for shade, suffers from allergies & pants often

They’re Just Right

Generally happy, energetic & upbeat

Warm Up?

Likes to lay in the sun, often has loose stools & watery eyes

Ingredient Transparency

We understand that fresh, whole food is the foundation for overall health and wellness—for us and for our pets! We are committed to preserving the nutrition in our ingredients with gentle blending and careful low heat cooking.

This means that your dog is eating real food made from real ingredients – no synthetics, fillers or fake stuff. Just all natural ingredients that you know, recognize & can actually pronounce!

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Wild Salmon

Rich in Omega-3 oils, an essential fatty acids.

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Flat-leaf Parsley

A nutrient-dense leafy green veggie, parsley is an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a vitamin A, folate and iron.

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Free Range Duck

Duck is a good source of protein, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc.

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Packed with vitamins, pumpkin is nutritious and soothing for pet’s digestion.

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Seed Blend

Our Seed Blend is packed with vitamins and nutrients including magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins A, B, E and K as well as Omega 3 and 6.

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Calendula Flowers

Calendula promotes healing and is used internally to treat inflammation and sooth the digestive tract.


Only The Best For Our Pets & Yours

Did you know not all “Complete & Balanced” food is the same? Most kibble is so highly processed that the vitamins & minerals need to be sprayed back on – sometimes in a form that isn’t even digestible by dogs.

Not us– We make our food in small batches using careful handling so we can best preserve the naturally occurring nutrients in our ingredients. That means you’ll never find any synthetics, artificial ingredients, carcinogens. Absolutely no junk or fillers, Ever.

Better than Homemade

How can something be better than homemade? Simple: It’s Complete & Balanced. What is complete & balanced? It means that your pet is getting the perfect proportions of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats & carbs in every single meal.

We add species appropriate ingredients like organ meats & ground bones then gently make our food while protecting all those dog-gone awesome nutrients & finally lab test to ensure quality & safety. From our kitchen to yours – nutrition for a better life.

Just Real Food

Did you know that food is only beneficial if the body is able to absorb the nutrients within it?

So, we’re taking it back to basics – using whole food ingredients as the foundational building blocks for our recipes & carefully protecting their nutritional properties, which means your pet is eating REAL food in every bite. This allows us to create the most nourishing, species appropriate foods for your pet

No Synthetics, additives or fillers. Ever.

When your pet eats highly processed food (aka kibble) – it may include additives and synthetics that aren’t usable by the body, resulting in grumbly bellies, itchy skin, huge poops, scooty butts & even illness.

This is why we take the time to carefully protect the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and never, ever ever use artificial ingredients, synthetics or fillers. Because there is a difference between fed & nourished. Check out our ingredient list for yourself!

The proof is in the pawprints!
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